Website Restored

We apologize if you tried to access this website recently and got a “suspended account” notice. There was a problem with some malware that sent out a bunch of spam, resulting in the suspension. That has been removed now, the software updated, and everything should be back to normal now. Also, if you did get some of that spam, which I think was sent on behalf of some VISA card provider in the Netherlands, we apologize for that, too, even though it was done without our knowledge or permission. And thanks to our ISP, JaguarPC WebHosting, whose quick action and 24/7 support nipped this issue in the bud before it got completely out of control. The same malware had been injected into 3 other sites we own, but their spam engines had not been activated yet, so we were able to remove it from them before they caused problems, thanks to JaguarPC’s early warning system.

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