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The International Spaceflight Museum is a museum in the virtual world of Second Life. It hosts exhibits and events about real-world spacecraft, rockets, and space travel. The museum is located on the island sims Spaceport Alpha and Spaceport Bravo.

You're the top!

You're the top!
You're Spaceflight Museum.
You're the top!
You're Spaceport Alpha.
You're the Sputnik tops and the Soyuz tops by (Jimbo) Perhaps
But if, baby, I'm the booster, you're the top!

My apologies to Cole Porter, but you too would sing about the five Soviet rocket tops on auction this month -- two Sputnik tops and three Soyuz tops. Although these exhibits are smaller, these tops *lead* the flight into space.

So hop on over to eBay and place your bid. Auctions end on April 23, 2008.

The Vanguard brothers

Five brothers standing side by side in a row, among the first rockets that greet you when you enter the rocket ring from the circle of flags. All the same size, similar in appearance, quietly standing there, stoically guarding the rocket ring.

Have you taken a really good look at them lately? While you're taking a good look, pop on over to eBay.com. Which brother would you put your money on?

Vanguard TV-2
Item # 120234682833

Got an opinion?

Please tell us what you think about the Exhibit Sponsorship Program. Just eight multiple-choice questions -- easier than a third-grade pop quiz. :)

Even if you've never sponsored before, we would like your opinion.

Click here to take survey

Many thanks!

Two goddesses: on auction

Oh, alright.... What I meant was "two rockets named after a goddess." But I got your attention, didn't I? ;)

We have four exhibits on the block this month: Both Athena 1 and 2, the Voyager spacecraft on the Neptune platform, and the Indian PSLV.

Unlike previous auctions, these auctions are for 7 days only. So hurry on to e-Bay and put your bids down. (Instructions below.)

Many ISM References in Recent Articles

Recently several articles and websites have included information or at least pictures about the ISM. Here are a few I know about:

Get a limited-edition Valentine teddy bear -- TODAY BEFORE 4PM SLT ONLY!

That's because the auctions end today at 4pm SLT! And that's the only way you can get an ISM Valentine teddy bear this year.

We're only giving away five of these sweet pink bears, one for the sponsor of each of the five rockets currently on eBay.

This year's Valentine bear already has the following features:
* pink fur with cream paws and tummy
* flexi heart-patterned bow (I still haven't decided on this)
* amethyst eyes
* famous love quotes

New Machinima Video Features ISM Content

Watch this YouTube video by SL resident Earth Primbee to see some of the ISM exhibits in action, including the Titan II rocket launch, and images of several other exhibits. Some of this video was recorded on Elon's Moon platform, and other parts feature NASA film clips. All in all, a great video!

ISM auctions: How high is your love?

How high is your love?... How high is your love?... I really need to learn...

My apologies to the Bee Gees, but it's a nice intro to let you know about our five new auctions this month -- two of which are the tallest objects in Spaceport Alpha!

And what better way to express the height of your love for your sweetheart this Valentine? So surprise your darling with their name on one of the tallest rocket exhibits at the International Spaceflight Museum.

Here are the auctions on eBay:

Picture of Ed Lu and others at ISM

Here's a snapshot taken during Ed Lu's visit to the ISM, courtesy of Bruce Damer. Used with permission. See the story of this visit in the previous blog entry. Ed is the one facing away from the camera, wearing white t-shirt and jeans. At this point his avatar was only about 15 minutes old.
Click here
to view the picture.

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