Spaceport Alpha on SL Beta grid with VOICE!

Joe Linden turned up during our planning group meeting Saturday to ask if we would mind if Linden Lab included Spaceport Alpha in the Second Life beta test grid. What is especially cool about this beta version is that there is capability to use integrated voice! Read Joe's blog about voice in the beta test for more information on that.

Comments forwarded by Jimbo

Jimbo Perhaps, one of our most capable and certainly the most prolific rocket builder at the museum, just sent me these comments made to him by visitors to the ISM:

I always bring groups through the ISM. It is an example of what SL has to offer. -- a Linden

When people get bored of the gambling and sex and ask me "what now?" I bring them to the ISM.

Earth First! We'll stripmine the planets later! Love your stuff, keep up the good work.

Donation Page Updated

The links on the homepage to "Donate" and "Make a Donation" used to point to a page that didn't work. Now it's been repaired, so if you would like to help support the museum with a cash donation via PayPal, please try it again.

If you want to donate Linden $Ls instead of RL currency, you may use the "Pay" function in SecondLife to transfer funds from your avatar to our landowning alt account, AyeEss Emms. Find the avatar's profile by using the Search>People menu, and click the "Pay" button. Please keep in mind the L$:US$ conversion factor; US$1 equals about L$270.

Virtual BLAST at the ISM

The ISM was host to a special presentation today titled "Virtual BLAST". It was given by Matt Truch (SL: Half Moo), a physics graduate student from Brown University who is on the BLAST team.

New Teddy Bear to Win

It's official: the Valentines Teddy is no longer available.

Now you can win a new teddy bear in the Space Trivia Challenge, with all new cheeky and adorable sayings when you poke him. Opal Lei and I posed for a picture with him at the ISM sign (below).

See my earlier blog post to find out how to play the game.

Spaceport Bravo is now in the SciLands

The title tells all!

FSU Grad Students Visit for Q&A

Chris Reitveld, Lora Chadbourne, Jet Burns and I (Troy McLuhan) met with a RL class of grad students at the ISM today.

The class was a Museum Informatics class being taught by Paul Marty (Pont Mirabeau in SL), Assistant Professor, College of Information, Florida State University (in Tallahassee).

I started with a brief introduction to how the museum got started and how it works, then opened the floor to questions. There was a lot of interesting discussion covering all aspects of the museum.

ESA's Rosetta Spacecraft Orbits Mars

According to a blog report cited by Reuters today, the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has successfully executed a 'swing-by' manouver around Mars on its way to chase the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, expected to happen in 2014.

Spaceport Alpha Moved to SciLands

See the posting on the new SciLands blog for details.

ISM Mentioned in Podcast

Jet Burns from JPL told me yesterday that he had "favorably mentioned" the ISM during his interview by Cypress Rosewood for episode 5 of his podcast. Jet said he was on about 30 minutes into the program. Many of you will recognize Cypress as the musician who has given several concerts at Spaceport Alpha. His genre is "space music" so if you like that kind of thing you will definitely want to check out his show. Thanks to both Jet and Cypress!

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