ESA's Rosetta Spacecraft Orbits Mars

According to a blog report cited by Reuters today, the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has successfully executed a 'swing-by' manouver around Mars on its way to chase the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, expected to happen in 2014.

Spaceport Alpha Moved to SciLands

See the posting on the new SciLands blog for details.

ISM Mentioned in Podcast

Jet Burns from JPL told me yesterday that he had "favorably mentioned" the ISM during his interview by Cypress Rosewood for episode 5 of his podcast. Jet said he was on about 30 minutes into the program. Many of you will recognize Cypress as the musician who has given several concerts at Spaceport Alpha. His genre is "space music" so if you like that kind of thing you will definitely want to check out his show. Thanks to both Jet and Cypress!

Take the Space Trivia Challenge!

Opal Lei has created a wonderful new trivia game at the International Spaceflight Museum. You can win some great prizes and impress your friends! One of the prizes is an adorable Valentines Bear, which will only be available for a limited time. It is transferable, so you can give it to your honey.

To play the game, go to one of the trivia game stands at the museum. Currently, there are three of them: 1) Up on the platform in Low Earth Orbit, 2) At the entrance to the Rocket Ring, and 3) In front of the Cape Canaveral Photo Gallery. Photos of those stands are shown below.

Wired Magazine Event Covered by SLNN

The recent "Lost in Space" event (brought to SL by Wired Magazine in association with the ISM) was covered by Scarlett Qi of the Second Life News Network. You can read her article on the SLNN site.

WIRED Magazine to Hold Event with ISM on Jan. 25

Back in December, Chris Baker, Senior Associate Editor from Wired Magazine, asked the ISM if we could host a Q&A about the missing Apollo 11 video tapes. David Kushner had written an article about the tapes for the January edition of Wired and they wanted a suitable venue to talk with Dave about what he'd uncovered. The ISM was happy to oblige. In fact, a new model of the Apollo 11 Moon landing site had just been created - how more appropriate a venue could you imagine!

This is the first time that the ISM has done an event with a major news organization like WIRED, so of course we are all very excited. Here's a link to the official event announcement on the SL Events Calendar.

ISM in Scotland's Sunday Herald

Scotland's Sunday Herald carries today a story about Second Life in which Iain S. Bruce, its Technology Editor, writes about "a vast, multi-dimensional and perpetually expanding alternative galaxy packed with people, places and things to do". Bruce highlights some places in SL, among them the ISM:

Another must-see is the International Spaceflight Museum at Spaceport Alpha, a blissfully educational site dedicated to space travel. Financed and developed by staff from the Johnson Space Center, Boeing's space program, the European Space Agency and the UK's National Physics Lab, the craft here may be virtual, but the science is very real.

SL Inworld (German SL Portal) Covers the Museum

SL Inworld, a new German Second Life portal website, has highlighted the ISM in one of their first articles.

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Nature Newsblog Covers the Planetarium

The "Nature Newsblog" section of the venerable website has a posting about Chaac Amarula's planetarium.

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