Apollo Moon Landings Presentation covered by KnowProSE.com

Nobody Fugazi wrote a nice summary about my presentation "The Apollo Moon Landings - A Look Back" on KnowProSE.com.

Slashdot Hears about NASA program at ISM

Nobody Fugazi sent me a link in IM today -- We've been Slashdotted!

See it here.

NASA Investing in Learning Games

Today Greyark Hightower gave a talk about how the NASA Learning Technologies Office is prototyping a learning game based on the Unreal 3 (3D game) engine. He was invited by the Kuurian Expedition, which regularly holds talks by interesting people.

In 2007, NASA will put out a request for proposals for a full-scale science-based synthetic world. They aren't specifying the platform, but I asked afterwards, and he confirmed that Second Life is one possible platform. (The companies submitting proposals will choose their platforms, not NASA.)

Nobody Fugazi also wrote about the talk at KnowProSE.com.

NASA CoLab project covered by The Metaverse Messenger!

The Metaverse Messenger, Second Life's esteemed weekly newspaper, has an article about Drew Frobozz's November 12 presentation on the NASA CoLab project. It's on page 23 of the November 14 edition.

NASA CoLab Projects Underway

I'm standing on the new Mars Island in NASA's Space CoLab sim, watching DoctorMike Soothsayer build in the parcel allocated to Glamorgan [Wales] University. See their proposal for information on their project. Looks fascinating!

The parcels have been going quickly. As soon as SL researchers, builders and educators find out they can get free land courtesy of NASA AND the chance to catch NASA's attention, they all want a piece of the action!

These projects are all open to the public, so come by and have a look, but please don't interrupt the builders while they are working. Every active site has the name of a contact person for sending them feedback as well as the organization that "owns" the site.

NASA's CoLab Project

NASA is coming to SecondLife!

The International Spaceflight Museum is proud to host a presentation by Drew Frobozz (Andrew Hoppin in RL), of MoonFront LLC and Special Projects, Director's Office, NASA Ames Research Center. Drew will describe and answer questions about the CoLab project.

What: Introducing the CoLab project
When: 11:00 a.m. SLT, 12 Nov 2006
Where: Central Stage, inside the ring of rockets, Spaceport Alpha

Second Life News (a TV News Show) Visits the Museum

The Virtual Reality Network has a new video news program called Second Life News and it recently visited the International Spaceflight Museum. The video can be seen on or downloaded from their website.

Live Coverage of the Transit of Mercury to be Shown on Wednesday

This coming Wednesday, November 8, Mercury will pass in front of the Sun (as seen from Earth). The Exploratorium will be broadcasting live coverage from Kitt Peak National Observatory.

The International Spaceflight Museum will show the live video feed on the screens at the central stage, starting at 11:00 AM and going until 4:10 PM SL Time.

For more information, visit the Exploratorium page about the transit.

NPR mentions ISM

A recent visitor to the museum said he'd heard about SL on NPR's Talk of the Nation program last week, and that Spaceport Alpha was mentioned on the same program today in their listener's emails read on air.

Argentinian SL blogger visits ISM

Pablo Mancini, one of the few Spanish-speaking bloggers (if not the one) who speaks frequently about Second Life, has visited the ISM ("one of the most sophisticated spaces built in SL"), in a blog entry titled 'Learning (and a lot) in Second Life' (the original text is in Spanish). Pablo (Pablo Potvin in SL) explains: "Two things draw my attention, besides the design of the incredibles replicas in the museum: they are integrating in the museum simulators real life images and they are beginning to include information in Spanish".

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