New Machinima Video Features ISM Content

Watch this YouTube video by SL resident Earth Primbee to see some of the ISM exhibits in action, including the Titan II rocket launch, and images of several other exhibits. Some of this video was recorded on Elon's Moon platform, and other parts feature NASA film clips. All in all, a great video!

First eBay Sponsorship Auctions Won

Congratulations and enormous thanks to Firesabre Consulting, winner of both exhibit sponsorships recently auctioned on eBay. Those sponsorships will begin on November 1st, and last for 3 months.

This initial foray into extra-SL fund raising was such a success, that we've decided to make it a regular feature of our fund raising activities.

ESA's Rosetta Spacecraft Orbits Mars

According to a blog report cited by Reuters today, the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has successfully executed a 'swing-by' manouver around Mars on its way to chase the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, expected to happen in 2014.

better late as never....or ever...

wow. i even forget this blog is here. then i lost my password. Okay. i already made magellen (obvious :P) and since then i have made a goddard 1,and a lunar roving vehicle. i am now working on the saturn 1b which came before the saturn V and carried the skylab into orbit and transported the astronauts to skylab. after that my next project is the russian LK lander. any way that is my update as it stands.

Satellite Exhibit Request for Proposals Issued

Make a new satellite exhibit and get paid for it.

The UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) currently has an exhibit about the TRUTHS satellite at the museum (between Cape Canaveral and the Gift Shop). Now they would like to replace it with a new, more interactive exhibit that conveys more information.

Consequently, NPL has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new TRUTHS Interactive Exhibit. If you would like to get a copy of the RFP, send me an IM (Troy McLuhan) or an email (troy dot mcluhan at gmail dot com).

Apollo Capsule & Moon Landing Points

A few days ago I sent a snapshot postcard to Snapzilla with a picture of one of our newer exhibits, DaVinci Doctorow's Apollo capsule, and Troy McLuhan's Moon Map that shows the locations of all the Apollo landings. These objects are found under the rocket ring, to the west of the pathway from the landing point to the stage, just beyond the NOAA exhibit.

Apollo and the Moon

SpaceShipOne Exhibit

Expert builder Konigmann Lippmann has contributed the latest model to be displayed at the International Spaceflight Museum, a full-scale mockup of Scaled Composites' SpaceShipOne. This is the craft that won the X-Prize last year. Thanks to Scaled Composites for providing a drawing so we could build an accurate model.

SpaceShipOne at ISM SSO Model

ISM Exhibit at StarfleetCommandSLQ event

Thanks to Admiral Cobramax Mechanique for inviting us to contribute an exhibit for Starfleet's Aerospace Weekend event at their Galaxy sim.


Exhibit at Galaxy

Voyager I at NMC Campus

At the request of Larry Pixel, CEO of New Meda Consortium (NMC), and with the builder's permission,
the International Spaceflight Museum has loaned NMC a copy of the Voyager I model built by Helori Pascal.

Voyager I at NMC Campus

See the caption on Snapzilla for more details.


X-Prize flights video footage

While we are/were watching the Shuttle launch Saturday at the ISM, the subject of XPrize flights came up.

I found this link to some video footage of flight 2:

Might be cool if we could build a little video kiosk that would have some of these videos on demand.

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