Next Metaverse Meetup at ISM & Stanford Scheduled

For our second Metaverse Meetup we are truly pleased to present Jamais Cascio one the authors of the interesting Metaverse Roadmap. Our first meetup turned out to be very well attended by some very interesting people both at Stanford and in Second Life. We know we have an interesting speaker and topic for this second event and once again will open the floor for some nice and geeky conversation afterwards, so please come join us. The locations

    Video Online of Stanford Metaverse Meetup at ISM & Stanford

    The Stanford Metaverse Meetup was held last week (08 Nov 2007) simultaneously at Stanford, California and in Second Life (at the International Spaceflight Museum, in a purpose-built dome on the roof of the VAB in Spaceport Bravo). Now the video is available online.

    NASA's CoLab Project

    NASA is coming to SecondLife!

    The International Spaceflight Museum is proud to host a presentation by Drew Frobozz (Andrew Hoppin in RL), of MoonFront LLC and Special Projects, Director's Office, NASA Ames Research Center. Drew will describe and answer questions about the CoLab project.

    What: Introducing the CoLab project
    When: 11:00 a.m. SLT, 12 Nov 2006
    Where: Central Stage, inside the ring of rockets, Spaceport Alpha

    Live Coverage of the Transit of Mercury to be Shown on Wednesday

    This coming Wednesday, November 8, Mercury will pass in front of the Sun (as seen from Earth). The Exploratorium will be broadcasting live coverage from Kitt Peak National Observatory.

    The International Spaceflight Museum will show the live video feed on the screens at the central stage, starting at 11:00 AM and going until 4:10 PM SL Time.

    For more information, visit the Exploratorium page about the transit.

    Text of SLCC presentation about ISM

    So far I have not seen any published proceedings from the Educators' session at SLCC '06, so I have posted the text of the case study I presented there for those who were unable to attend. Please click here to download the PDF file.

    Cypress Rosewood Concert was Wonderful

    Cypress Rosewood came to the museum to perform his music live at the central stage tonight.

    Cypress Rosewood LiveThere were over 65 people in the sim at one point, but it never crashed. Yay! Unfortunately, Cypress' SL client crashed a few times, but that was okay because his music kept coming through the audio stream just fine.

    There was a one-hour pre-show, where Cypress played some space music by other musicians and talked a bit about the museum. (The show was also being broadcast on WFRN Radio Free Nashville.)

    Davee's TRUTHS Presentation Blogged at SL Insider

    Caliandris Pendragon came to Davee Commerce's presentation about the TRUTHS satellite this past Sunday (July 23) and wrote about it in the Second Life Insider blog.

    Museum to Host Live Coverage of Space Shuttle Launch on Saturday

    The Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to launch at 12:49 pm SL time (3:49 pm EDT) on Saturday, July 1. The two main screens at the central stage have been set up to show live video coverage of the launch by NASA TV.

    Events this Week

    We promised events throughout the week, so here they are:

    Opening Day Pix

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