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Educators from Singapore Visit Museum

A group of about 30 educators from Singapore visited the Museum on Monday evening (SL time - Tuesday morning in Singapore). This was the second time a group of Singapore educators visited the museum.

Singapore educators visit ISM

Worldbridges Tour of the Museum Available on Web and in SL

On June 25, Meno Rich (SL name) of Worldbridges came to tour the International Spaceflight Museum. Anyone could join his tour live in SL and via Skypecast. After the show, he created a two-part podcast and seven video clips from the tour, all of which can be found both on the web and at a special Info Island build in Second Life. Below is a picture of the build in Second Life, where you can watch each of the seven video clips by standing on the corresponding gray pad and pressing play on your Movie control. To hear the podcast (audio only), just stand on the larger black area.

Visitors from Singapore

A group of educators (school superintendants and principals) from Singapore visited the ISM last night. They were attending a seminar, and our museum was on their list of "must-see" places in Second LIfe. Most popular attraction for this group was the rocket ride (Titan II/Gemini 4) to the upper sim. Apparently they had been told about that in advance, so they were all looking for it when they arrived.

Webcast audio & video now available

I just got an IM from Meno Rich with URLs for the audio and first video clips made during the Worldbridges tour of the museum last night.

Thanks very much to Meno an

Webcast to feature Spaceport Alpha

Meno Rich of Worldbridges will tour the museum and interview several museum group members during his webcast on Sunday at 7 p.m. SLT (7 p.m. Pacific time).

Games, Learning, and Society Conference Visit

Chaac Amarula was at the Games, Learning, and Society (GLS) Conference in Madison, Wisconsin today and yesterday. This morning, he was part of a "Chat n Frag" session titled "Living and Learning in Second Life - A Firsthand Exploration and Tour of a User-Created World."

Conference attendees could come into SL and see some of the projects being done in SL. He brought several people to Spaceport Alpha to see the International Spaceflight Museum. He, Skye Columbia, and I showed the visitors around. The rocket ride was quite popular.

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